Update on iPads for NWEA MAP Growth testing


 IF you are on the schedule for tech support with NWEA Map Growth testing, and IF you are having iPad issues, then the work-around detailed below MAY help. We are sharing this with you as an option you may wish to try, but it will require touching each device impacted. Meanwhile, we are working with every service provider and vendor related to the connection issues you are experiencing. As soon as we have a solution that can be deployed globally, we will notify you. 


Tap > Settings > Wi-Fi

 Onboard  should be selected       

*If Onboard is not selected, restart iPad

*Onboard may only be available if the iPad is in the LMC

Choose Network, tapOPS233

At the bottom of the screen, locate and tap > MODE 

Tap > EAP-TLS 
Tap > BACK

Tap > Identity > CA-ONOC > Back
Tap > Join

If iPad connects to OPS233, tap > NWEA icon
If iPad successfully connects to MAP Growth test, go forward.  
*Do not restart the iPad after testing. 
**Close the secure browser after each testing session. 
This work-around should not adversely affect the iPads connecting to OPS233 in the future. 


Joel Kershner

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