Jim Graham – Senior Apple Engineer: I began working for Olathe Public Schools in 1998. I make sure that all the Apple devices in our district are useable. If they are not, my team and I take care of that. I make apps available for iPads, laptops and desktops. I also do the things that make Apple car “go”. I am in frequent contact with JAMF and Apple Engineers to better improve all of our experiences. I have also been known to provide training as needed. If you need me, let me know. I have been married to Sarah for more than 20 years. We have a son, Kaden, who attends Olathe Northwest High School. I like peanut butter!

Connie LaRue (C-note) – Apple Analyst: I have worked for Olathe Public Schools since 1996, My job is to support and manage Apple products at all levels across the district.  A typical day at work for me might include school visits to work with staff or troubleshoot issues.  My day would also include time spent managing devices, apps, profiles, groups, etc. in our JAMF software server.  I work with Apple School Manager to import students, teachers & classes, and I also work with Apple’s VPP (volume purchasing portal) to purchase the apps that are pushed to iPads, as well as inventory devices in Destiny.  All Apple, all the time! As an Air Force brat, I grew up moving every couple years, finally landing in Kansas just in time to graduate.  I went to WSU before getting married, and I have two grown sons.  I love reading, yoga, traveling, and riding on the back of my hubby’s Harley with my pretty pink flowered helmet.  I like peanut butter and chocolate!

Melissa Beaudoin (Missy B) – Apple Support Technician: I was hired by OPS in 2003 as a para at Green Springs El., later I moved into a Computer Lab teaching position at Brougham El. and eventually worked my way into the Technology Dept. As an Apple Tech, my job is to work closely with my team to deploy, support and manage Apple products across the district. My work day may include school visits to troubleshoot technology issues which include iPads, Apple TV’s and Mac Labs. I work closely with staff in communicating their technology issues and the action plan for resolution. Behind the scenes, my day may also include service & management of devices, apps, profiles, groups, etc. using our JAMF Device Management Server, import students into Apple School Manager, and inventory devices in Destiny. I have a background in Graphic Design. I am learning WordPress Web Builder to ensure that our Apple Website is up to date with the most current information and resources. Check it out at http://departments.olatheschools.com/apple/ In my free time I like to paint, draw, and long nature walks. I like peanut butter, chocolate, & cookies!