The Olathe School District recognizes that effective cash management is an integral component of good financial management. Therefore, the District funds deemed idle, based on projected cash flow, are invested in a manner that seeks to maximize their productivity until such time as they are needed for the operations of the District. The District’s investment portfolio shall be designed and managed to ensure public trust and be consistent with state laws. The primary objective of the Olathe District Schools Treasury is to safeguard government funds while providing for adequate liquidity to meet the District’s daily needs. Investments shall be at the highest rates obtainable at the time of the investment, within the limitations of the law and the District’s investment policy. The priorities for investment decisions are (in order of importance):

  1. Safety of principal
  2. Adequate liquidity to meet daily operating needs
  3. Yield

The District Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Investment of District funds not needed to meet current expenditures, and investment and management of bond proceeds from bond issues.
  • Ensuring financial integrity of the District by providing timely collection, investment and disbursement of all District funds.
  • Administering all cash-related transactions for the school District. District cash is managed so that all cash not immediately needed for District expenditures are temporarily invested in U.S. Treasury and agency securities; fully collateralized bank deposits, and perfected repurchase agreements. By state law, the District’s portfolio is authorized to invest in maturities of two years or less.

The market value of investments that are held in the portfolio at any given time range from $50 million to $125 million. This depends on the receipt and distribution cycle from the Kansas Department of Education and the Johnson County Treasurer. On average, the District disburses over $35 million on payroll, supplies, utilities, and capital expenditures per month.

Board Authorized Financial Institutions (2018-19)

BOK Financial Securities, Inc.
Capitol Federal
Commerce Bank
First National Bank of Omaha (FNKB)
First National Capital Markets
FTN Financial Capital Markets
Piper Jaffray & Co.
State of Kansas Municipal Investment Pool
UBS Financial Services, Inc.


Who to Contact

Merle Hastert, Director of Business Services and Treasurer ~ (913) 780-8035
Merle Hastert works in conjunction with third party insurance administrators overseeing property, crime, liability, student and excess workers’ compensation coverage on behalf of the District. Merle manages the issuance, tracking, and payments of all bonds and provides oversight to the Purchasing and Accounts Payable departments. He also negotiates vendor contracts and is currently Treasurer to the Board of Education.