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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) June 30, 2018


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The Olathe Public Schools is a dynamic and successful school district with unparalleled community support. Whether you consider the continued support of bond issues, high levels of parent involvement, or the impressive levels of corporate support, our students are fortunate to live in a community that values education and steps forward to support them.

The Olathe Board of Education has worked diligently in difficult financial times to be efficient and effective stewards of your tax dollars while continuing to provide an education that empowers all students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be prepared for their future.

The Annual Budget Report has been created to provide information regarding our budget and to put our finances into perspective. The Board of Education and district leadership have developed a budget that aligns our finances with educational goals so that all our students can achieve success.

– John Allison, Superintendent

Mr. John Allison

Mr. John Allison

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Graphic Financial Summary    Notice of Hearing (code 99)    2019-20 Budget Profile

2019-20 State Budget Forms and Codes

Complete Annual Budget Documents

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For questions or information, please contact:
John Hutchison, Deputy Superintendent Business and Operations


Olathe District Schools has been the recipient of the Meritorious Budget Award from the Association of School Business Officials International since 1997. The Meritorious Budget Awards Program encourages and recognizes excellence in school system budgeting.


Annual Budget 2018-2019

Table of Contents

Executive Summary  
A Message from the Superintendent  
Executive Summary  
District Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Core Values  
IV. Budget Development, Goals and Process  
V. Budget Adoption, Implementation and Evaluation  
VI. Capital Expenditures, Goals and Process  
VII. Budget Development Goals and Process  
VIII. Budget Schedules  
IX. District Enrollment Trends  
X. Future Budget Assumptions and Forecasts  
XI. Historical Evaluation, Levies and Property Taxes  
XII. Bonds  
XIII. Financial Performance  
XIV. Performance Measures  
XV. Executive Summary  
XVI. A Message from the Board of Education  
XVII. Administrative Personnel  
XVIII. Meritorious Budget Annual Certificate 2017-2018  
Organizational Section  
I. District Map  
II. District Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Core Values  
III. District Goals and Objectives – Strategic Directions and Priority Goals  
IV. Classification of Revenue and Expenditures  
V. Summary of Significant Accounting Practices  
VI. District Annual Operating Budget Policies  
VII. District Fund Structure  
VIII. Basis of Budgeting Funds  
IX. Budget Administration and Management  
X. District Annual Operating Budget Policies  
XI. Budget Development Process  
XII. Budget Adoption, Implementation and Evaluation  
XIII. Capital Expenditure Process and Goals  
XIV. Budget Development Process and Goals  
Financial Section
I. Budget Schedules
II. Long Term Debt Obligations
III. Fund Balance Reserves
IV. Financial Performance
Informational Section
I. Future Budget Assumptions and Forecasts
II. District Enrollment Trends
III. Future Budget Assumptions and Forecasts
IV. Historical Valuations, Levies and Property Tax  
V. Personnel Resources  
VI. Bonds  
VII. Performance Measures  
VIII. Significant Legislation Regarding School District Budgets  
VIX. Acronyms and Terms  
X. Glossary  

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Who to Contact

John Hutchison, CPA, SFO, Deputy Superintendent Business and Operations ~ (913) 780-8134
John Hutchison, CPA, SFO, began working for Olathe Public Schools in 2007.  He started with the District as Director of Business & Financial Services. In June of 2010, he was named Chief Financial Officer of the District.  In April of 2018 he was named Deputy Superintendent for Business and Operations.  In this role, he serves as a member of the senior leadership team with administrative responsibilities over the Business & Financial Services, Employee Services, Food Services Departments, Technology and the Operations Service Center.

Jean Katzer, Manager of Budgeting ~ (913) 780-8017
  • Provides day-to-day oversight of district budget
  • Assigns new account numbers
  • Manages budget allocations and assists with budget inquiries
  • Processes and compiles annual budget reports
  • Budget reporting to the state of Kansas
  • Oversight of state and federal audits