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NOTE:  This is not the enrollment page.  If you are looking for the online enrollment page, click the Courses and Enrollments button on the left navigation panel.  When it is time to start your course, email instructions will direct you to this page to get started.  

The type of online course you take determines the start-up instruction set you are to follow.

  • If you are taking a traditional eAcademy class (most courses; not health) in Moodle you should click THIS LINK to log in and find the Orientation mini-course and the course you enrolled in.   Be aware that these will only show after we enroll you in your course in Moodle; you will receive email notice telling you when this will happen.
  • If you are enrolled in the online Health course in Edgenuity you should click THIS LINK to find your start-up information and Orientation.  This is not optional and every day you delay you get farther behind in your course work.  This link is password protected and you will find the password on your document “eAcademy Course Start‐Up Instructions ‐ Edgenuity”.

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Written By: Randy Warner Date posted: February 11, 2016