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eAcademy offers a variety of courses to students in grades 9-12 living within the Olathe School District boundaries, as shown to the right in the course list, contingent upon student enrollment and instructor availability. Students must meet any prerequisite requirements listed in the District Program Planning Guide to enroll in offered courses.

•Courses are accredited through District Curriculum Coordinators who match content to district and state curriculum standards.

 •Courses are taught or supervised by experienced teachers certified in the content area by the Kansas State Department of Education.

•Courses utilize the Board-adopted curriculum and instructional materials for each subject area.

•All courses can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.

Tuition is free during the spring and fall semesters. Olathe students not currently registered in the Olathe School District must enroll by Sept. 20 and will pay the current annual instructional materials fee.

eAcademy Courses  
Language Arts .5 English IV B 1 Y N
.5 Creative Writing 1, 2 Y Y
.5 Adv Creative Writing 1, 2 N Y
Fine Arts .5 History of Film: Classics Y Y
.5 Art History 3 Y Y
Health/PE .25 Health Y Y Y N
.75 PE Concepts 1
(modules  A, B, C, must be completed in order)
Technology .5 Computer Essentials Y Y
Social Science .5 United States History A 1 Y N
.5 United States History B 1 N Y
.5 World Geography N Y
.5 United States Government 1 Y Y
.5 Modern World History A Y N
.5 Modern World History B N Y
Family & Consumer Studies ½ Personal and Financial Management 1 Y Y
½ Introduction to Psychology 1 Y Y
1 Grade restrictions or prerequisites; see Program Planning Guide
2 Fulfills Applied Communications credit also  
3 Only offered through eAcadey.
eAcademy also offers a limited number of fee-based courses each summer. See the Summer eAcademy page for Summer eAcademy information.


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Written By: Randy Warner Date posted: May 3, 2012