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The state of Kansas requires one full credit of Health/PE for graduation. In eAcademy this is .25 credits of Health and .75 credist of PE. A combination of classroom and online work distributed over summers and/or school year semesters can be used to meet this requirement.This page will help you understand the online PE course. In addition to the information below you can download the PE Course Description Flier. 
eAcademy PE is delivered through the online course management system called Moodle. The PE course is composed of a combination of text work and exercise.  Students attend a required heart rate monitor (HRM) training session. After exercising students download their heart rate data to a computer program and turn in a written log of activities.  The monitor records date, time in and out of the target zone, and other information so there's no cheating!  The following details are from the course syllabus.
  • Students are required to complete 15 workouts within the time frame of each Module. Each exercise session must last a minimum of 30 minutes and requires moderate to vigorous levels of exertion. (65-85% of maximum heart rate).
  • Students are not permitted to log more than one session in one day!  We are trying to develop a healthy habit of exercising on most days of the week.
  • Students are required to use the Polar A300 heart rate monitor during all exercise log activities.  Information from the HRM is download to a Polar software account.
  • Students will complete a physical exercise log for each week of activity.  The log will contain the following information: type of exercise/activity, duration, time in/above/below your heart rate zone, distance if applicable and reflection paragraph.
  • Participation must be documented with a parent/guardian or coach/trainer signature.
  • Students are required to participate in a minimum of two exercise sessions, from three out of the four categories on the approved exercise list.
  • Students take their final written exam when they attend the final HRM download session.
  • Missing workouts will result in grade deductions.
Should I take PE in the summer or during the school year? 
The Olathe District limits summer credits to .50 per summer so students may have to use a combination of summers or school year semesters to get the 1 credit of health-PE required by Kansas for graduation.  eAcademy restricts the sequence in which these may be taken.  Students taking .50 or .25 credits in summer may take additional modules during the school year following the module sequence, or the following summer (Modules A-B must be taken before Module C). Students taking this course during the school year will take it Quarters 2-3-4. The following table summarizes when the various modules are offered.

First Summer

Second Summer

School Year

Modules A-B (first) Module C and Health Quarter 1: Health Quarter 2: Module A Quarter 3: Module B Quarter 4: Module C
Limit of .50 credits per summer. Students seeking .75 credits of PE will do so Quarter 2, 3, and 4.  Summer Students who have completed .5 credit of Summer PE may also take Health and/or Module C during the school year.
Summer Session PE:  
  • The summer session is eight weeks for students wanting .50 credit. See the summer flyer for specific dates.
  • The summer session is four weeks for those needing .25 credit, typically four weeks in June or four weeks in July.  See the summer flyer for specific dates.
While you may be able to exercise on vacation, it probably won't happen at Boy Scout Camp, Church Camp or Dance Team Camp so taking this course over summer may not work out for you.
School Year Enrollment Procedure:  
  • Obtain counselor permission to enroll.
  • Complete a formal Enrollment Application online.
  • Complete the required training session given by your instructor. Heart Rate Monitors will be distributed by your instructor at the training.
  • All students and parents are required to complete a short eAcademy Orientation online in Moodle or the student will be removed from the program.
Summer Enrollment Procedure:
  • Come to the eAcademy Summer School registration night and bring your signed enrollment form and fee payment (check or cash). More information is available on the Summer eAcademy page.
  • Additional information can be obtained by contacting the eAcademy Facilitator Randy Warner.

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Written By: Randy Warner Date posted: May 3, 2012