Before You Enroll            
Before enrolling in eAcademy you will need to visit with your counselor or the eAcademy staff to be sure that the online learning environment is a good choice for your learning style. You should be aware that online learners often find that the time commitment of taking classes online is greater than that of being in the regular classroom. Read the Learn about eAcademy page for more information about student learning traits and expectations.
Enrollment Process
  • Talk with your counselor to decide if online learning is best for you, and get permission to take an online course.
  • Complete the online enrollment form.  You will need a counselor permission code to complete this form.
  • Starting with the first day of the semester or quarter check your school Gmail and personal email EVERY DAY to get information about starting the course.
  • Each student, with a parent, must complete the eAcademy Student-Parent Orientation (online) by the deadline or the student will be removed from the course and asked to take the class in the regular classroom.
  • Have questions?  Call us at 913-780-7110 or email Randy Warner or Cindy Cherry

Summer eAcademy Enrollment:  Summer students will complete the enrollment form at registration.  For more information on Summer eAcademy and the required form please visit the Summer eAcademy page.

THE ONLINE ENROLLMENT FORM:  You will need a counselor’s permission code to enter on the form in order to submit it.  If the form is submitted correctly you will immediately see a confirmation screen.  If there are errors you will be prompted to correct these and submit again.  The form may not submit from a phone or tablet.
Parents, have you thoroughly considered whether your student is ready for an online course?

We have a couple of “filters” in place that help students self-screen whether online learning is a good choice. First, students should be able to complete the online enrollment form without help. If they have trouble doing this, then it’s time to reconsider if online learning is the right choice for them.
(The second filter is the Orientation course that the two of you will do together.)

We would like to have your student fill out the online enrollment form themselves. It may be a cooperative task between the two of you if you like. But it’s a prime opportunity to start applying the technical skills that they will need to be successful in an online course. So if you would, please just close this window and revisit when your student can complete the form! Thanks for your support!

If you are enrolling in PrepWorks ACT study this is not the page. Please go to the Prepworks Page.

 Online Enrollment Form for Students

(Oh, and you do realize that your course does not automatically appear in Moodle? 
We have to load you manually and we do that during office hours so you may have to wait.)



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Written By: Randy Warner Date posted: May 3, 2012