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Enrollment Form for eAcademy Online Classes

Important:  Please meet with your counselor and get permission to enroll before proceeding. You are to complete this form for ONE term only. If you want to take courses in more than one term (ex – both summer and fall or fall and spring) please submit a separate form for each term (Exception – If you’re taking a full year of Health-PE you can choose .25 Health and .75 PE).
⇒ Summer eAcademy students will complete the online enrollment at registration in May.
⇒ Complete the enrollment form, spelling correctly and using appropriate capitalization, punctuation, and spacing, etc as you are typing.
⇒ If you have questions, please email the eAcademy Coordinator, Randy Warner, at rwarnerirc@olatheschools.org or call the eAcademy office 913-780-7110.
⇒ When you click submit you will see a confirmation page ONLY if the form has been completed correctly.  Otherwise you have errors to correct, and then click submit again.
If you cannot see a form below you are probably using Internet Explorer.  Please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your browser and you will be able to see the form.

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Written By: Cindy Cherry Date posted: July 23, 2018