If You’re in 8th Grade

If you’re in 8th grade, these guidelines for enrollment will be helpful:

The Olathe Public Schools eAcademy is the district’s online virtual program offering a limited selection of online initial-credit courses for Olathe students.  eAcademy largely serves students needing scheduling flexibility, although there are numerous reasons that students may choose online options.   The primary requirement is that students work with their high school counselor on a four-year plan of study, and obtain their high school counselor’s permission to enroll.
Students and parents should check the eAcademy website for courses, program requirements, enrollment information, etc.  Then if students feel taking an online course might be a needed solution, they must meet with their high school counselor to begin the review and permission process.
Students leaving eight grade and entering high school specialty programs such as Distinguished Scholars and 21st Century Academies may determine they have a schedule issue their freshman year, and may consider online 9th grade Modern World Studies or online 9th grade Concepts in PE as a solution.  eAcademy strongly discourages enrollment the summer between 8th and 9th grade.  Students typically do not yet possess the required computer management skills that they will gain in their first year of high school and many students do not earn an A which is frustrating.
Enrollment during the freshman year is possible.  The most successful students begin online courses the summer after their freshman year and continue during their sophomore year or the following summer.  It is false that a student must have all freshman courses completed before starting their sophomore year.  It is also false that PE is the only course option. 
Students leaving eight grade and entering high school must meet with their high school counselor to begin the review and permission process.
At the current time there is no fee for eAcademy online courses taken during the fall semester or spring semester, while the summer school fee is charged for summer enrollment. 
Students needing additional information should consult the eAcademy website and their high school counselor.  Additional information can be obtained by emailing or calling the eAcademy office.

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Written By: Randy Warner Date posted: February 9, 2017