Learn About eAcademy
  The eAcademy office manages the Olathe Public Schools’ virtual program. A limited number of courses are offered online to students in grades 9-12 who live within the Olathe Public Schools attendance boundaries. Courses are delivered over the Internet.  All courses are available outside the regular school day, and in some cases may be available during the school day. 

eAcademy offers a variety of courses that are designed and taught by certified Olathe teachers, utilizing the Board-adopted Olathe curricula and instructional materials. Students who enroll in courses must adhere to strict deadlines and complete all the coursework outlined by the instructor. A variety of instructional methods are utilized to deliver content including print and online texts, video and audio, CD-ROM, streaming media, discussion boards, and more.  Real-time lectures are not utilized. Student school email accounts are required as the primary tool for communication.
                              *International Language courses through eAcademy are taught by an outside vendor.
Students in eAcademy use Internet-based course management systems to complete their course work – primarily Moodle. Assignments will be completed using basic Microsoft office software which the student must provide. All assignments are sent to the teacher online. Grades are posted in an online gradebook with full parent access. This content delivery model is true virtual learning since the instructor is never face to face with the students and the entire course is built into the course management system. Students are required to take final exams (and in some courses, mid-terms) face-to-face under the supervision of the eAcademy staff.
Each student, with a parent, is required to complete an online Orientation that can generally be completed in less than 90 minutes. Parents may also be required to submit records of student online attendance.  
In some schools, students may have access to a computer to take an online course during their school day as one of their scheduled hours. This is referred to as eAcademy Lab and the only difference is the time of delivery.  Students can, and are expected to, access their course from home as well to complete homework and other assignments just as they would in the classroom. 


Typical eAcademy students are:

          • Students wanting to supplement their regular class load
          • Students who are home schooled
          • Students, who regularly attend private school, but want a course that is not offered at their home school
          • Students who desire an alternative learning style from the standard classroom model
          • Students who are highly motivated, self-directed, independent learners who do not need a high degree of encouragement from adults in order to stay on a rigorous timeline


Your school counselor can help you determine if an eAcademy course is right for you, or contact the eAcademy office for more information.


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Written By: Randy Warner Date posted: May 3, 2012