PREPWORKS ACT Prep Software Enrollment
Olathe Public Schools has contracted with PREPWORKS, an online test preparation software, to help students prepare for the ACT.PREPWORKS starts with a diagnostic test to see what each student already knows, then uses adaptive technology to customize a learning path of 36 modules for the student to help fill gaps in knowledge and review known concepts.   Students will experience two additional summative tests that are timed and which simulate taking the real ACT online. PREPWORKS is comprised of 36 learning modules.  Using just an hour a week students should be able to complete the entire program in a semester, however, students have twelve months to complete the modules from the date they take their diagnostic test.   Each module contains tutorials and follow-up questions to help students review and learn topics.  For each question, accordion remediation shows students step by step how to arrive at the correct answer.  And once a week PREPWORKS instructors are available online to help students solve problems and get over bumps if they’re stuck on a topic.Is There a Cost? 
The enrollment fee is $45, well-below the regular Prepworks individual cost. Checks are payable to “Olathe Public Schools”.
Periodic Group Uploads
Your Prepworks enrollment does not give you immediate access.  We upload student groups each month.   Money and online enrollment must be in by the 25th of the month to be in the group start.

PREPWORKS guarantees that students completing the course will improve their ACT score 3 points or students may repeat the PREPWORKS program once for free. 

For more information on taking the ACT and the testing dates click here for the official ACT website.



Here’s how to enroll in PREPWORKS

  • When you have decided to participate in the Prepworks program you may enroll using the link below.  When properly submitted you will see a confirmation page with the address to send your payment.  Your enrollment will NOT be processed until payment is received.  Then you’ll be waiting for your PREPWORKS group start-up, and will at that time receive information to log in to PREPWORKS and begin.
  • You MUST provide valid email addresses as this is the way that all communication will occur.
  • eAcademy will upload “groups” of students to Prepworks once each month.  Students will then receive their login information from Prepworks by email a few days later. Students may then begin and will then have up to twelve months to complete all modules and tests.

Prepworks Enrollment Link



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Written By: Randy Warner Date posted: April 2, 2014