Strength and Conditioning Request


Students at Olathe Northwest and Olathe West must meet the following requirements in order to request permission to substitute the Strength and Conditioning course for PE Concepts:

PE: The student must stay enrolled in the Strength and Conditioning Class for the entire year. This course fulfills the .75 credit Physical Education graduation requirement.

The student must have a valid reason for opting out of PE Concepts and enrolling in Strength and Conditioning for the year. Example: schedule too full to take both PE Concepts and Strength and Conditioning; coach wants me in the Strength and Conditioning program; would like to take another elective, etc.

HEALTH: The student is responsible for completing the Health course online through the Olathe District Schools eAcademy before their sophomore year. This course fulfills the .25 credit Health Education graduation requirement.

The course will be completed outside of the regular school day. The course is offered quarter 1, quarter 2, and quarter 3 during the school year. If the student completes the course during the school year, there is no charge for the course.  The Health online course may also be taken the summer before or after the freshman year in the Summer eAcademy program.  Summer school fees apply.

If the student does not have the Health requirement completed by the start of their sophomore year they are required to complete one semester of Health/PE Concepts in the traditional classroom to complete the required credit.

  • The student must have computer access outside of the school and be an independent, self-motivated learner who can work with minimal adult supervision.
  • Students and parents are required to complete the eAcademy orientation and meet any additional requirements for the eAcademy program.
  • The online Course Request Form must be completed online by student AND parent together, and valid email addresses must be provided or your course request will not be processed.

AFTER the parent agrees to allow the student to pursue this enrollment option, proceed to the

Completion of the online course request form does NOT guarantee eAcademy enrollment. If approved there will be additional enrollment procedures required by the eAcademy office, at the beginning of your course.

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Written By: Randy Warner Date posted: October 24, 2014