Summer eAcademy
Summer Session Information   
  • sun1Summer eAcademy is open to students who have completed their freshman year.  Students do not enroll in eAcademy the summer right after eight grade. 
  • Summer eAcademy offers a limited selection of courses to students to complete during an intense eight-week summer session. The compressed rate of learning is rigorous and students must be prepared to devote on average ten or more hours per week to assignment completion during the eight-week Summer eAcademy session.
  • Summer eAcademy is intended for advanced placement students or those in specialty programs who will experience scheduling conflicts in their four-year plan.
  • Counselor permission is required to enroll. Before registration night obtain your high school counselor’s signature on the registration form which can be found in the Summer eAcademy flyer provided by the counselor.
  • The student MUST be present at registration to complete the online enrollment (this is not done in advance) and other electronic processes to get ready for the summer session.
  • All students will attend a required startup meeting to receive books and course information.  PE students will attend an additional PE training. Dates are listed in the Summer eAcademy flyer.
  • Read the Summer eAcademy Flyer for detailed information and to print the registration form.
  • Additional information about our Summer PE course is found on the Additional PE Info page.

If you do not have a print copy, you can download the 2020 Summer eAcademy Flyer here.

We have not yet had to limit course enrollments.  Should that happen, enrollment priority would be granted to Olathe students first. Out-of-district students would be notified and their registration payment returned.  It is not anticipated that would happen in the coming summer session.  However, we do need to disclose this in case such an unlikely event might occur.


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Written By: Randy Warner Date posted: January 28, 2013