Technology Proficiency Exam

Students’ demonstration of technology literacy is required for Olathe Public Schools’ high school graduation. Passing the exam will wave .5 credits of the 1.0 technology graduation requirement.

The exam demands extensive knowledge of technical content and computer skills including:

►Professional Presentationscomputer
►Computer Maintenance
►File Management
►Browsers and the Internet
►Digital Citizenship and Ethics
►Productivity Applications
    (MS Office, Apple iWorks, web-based)
►Cloud Storage Services
►Social Media
►Mobile Devices
►Internet Searching
►Self-Guided Learning
►Technical Writing

Plan approximately 4 hours for the test.

The exam is given three times a year, usually during Parent-Teacher Conferences in October and February and then again just after the last day of school. The test takes about four hours and is administered in the eAcademy Office at the Instructional Resource Center. Students who do not pass the first time with a score of 75% or better may repeat the exam once. Successful completion of the exam meets .5 credits of the technology requirement for Olathe graduation.  Completion does not decrease the number of credits required for graduation (24), a grade is not awarded for the exam, and the exam is not indicated on the student’s transcript.  Completion of the requirement simply waives .5 credits of the technology requirement in the student’s graduation audit.

Get more information and obtain a registration form from your counselor or download the registration form

2017-2018 TPE Flyer and Registration Form

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Written By: Cindy Cherry Date posted: June 6, 2012