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Being a parent means finding answers to questions. Long before their child asks “Why is the sky blue?” parents are faced with other issues such as “Is my child developing slower than his peers?” or “Does my baby actually learn when I play with her?”

Parents of children younger than 36 months old may find answers to many of their questions through the Parents as Teachers program in the Olathe Public Schools. The free program is personalized to meet the needs of individual families of babies and toddlers living within the Olathe Public Schools.

The Olathe program is part of the national Parents as Teachers program and follows its curriculum. All parent educators have a minimum of an undergraduate degree and experience in early childhood education. They also train in the national Parents as Teachers certification program.

Parents as Teachers can be reached at (913) 780-8106. The program coordinator is Dorothy Hiatt, dbhiatt@olatheschools.org. For more information, please contact Tammy Megles, tamegles@olatheschools.org


Below is a link of what we do at Parents as teachers:

               What we do at Parents as Teachers

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Written By: Marlene Colgan Date posted: March 9, 2016