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School Communication and Cooperation with Providers and Hospitals

Many students and their families get mental health support through local service providers, and there are also many times when students require hospitalization for support, safety, and care.  Olathe Public Schools wants families to know that we value the expertise and support that is provided through these providers, and we also believe in the power of working as a team to support our students and help them continue on the path toward building their future.  We encourage communication and partnership between all members of the support network working with your student and the school, and we will always respect your student’s and family’s right to confidentiality.  Please contact your home school, service provider, or our district’s Mental Health Resource Navigator, Mr. Michael McGuire, if you have any questions regarding a release of information.

General Release of Information for Olathe Public Schools (PDF) Here


Hospitalization can be a very traumatizing time for students and their families.  We want our schools to be a help and support in these situations as short or long-term hospitalizations often have a significant impact on your child’s school experience as well.  We want to partner with you and be a support to your student during hospitalization and as they make their transition back to school.  The goal of this collaboration and cooperation is to provide the best support possible for your student, and you can rest assured that confidentiality will be maintained and information will only be shared with the school team members that you identify.  We have provided links for pre-filled ROI’s (releases of information) below for both Marillac and KVC Prairie Ridge who provide acute hospitalization service in the area.  Most service providers will offer opportunities to sign ROI’s during admission.

Download Release of Information for Marillac (PDF)

Download Release of Information for KVC Prairie Ridge (PDF)

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Written By: John Laffoon Date posted: August 5, 2016